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Expensive art looks better IRL

Stop hiding your JPEGs on OpenSea and let the world see your collection with⌘ cmd+P. Besides, nothing says WAGMI like 6 ETH hanging over your couch.

We make low-res PFPs look good

PFP images are notoriously low resolution. We pre-process every image to make sure you get the highest quality print possible.

Pixel image scaling

Pixel art is upscaled to preserve crisp edges.

AI-backed print processing

Low DPI images are upscaled with AI based image processing to ensure your Apes will always look great.

Museum quality prints

We use heavy-weight acid-free art paper and high-quality archival inks to ensure your print stands the test of time.

Or, if you like, put that Doodle on a pillow, or one of the numerous other printable products we offer.

Pay for your web3 prints with crypto

Gotta keep it in the metaverse, right?

Easy payments with Coinbase Commerce

Pay with ETH and USDC.

Got an interesting use case? Reach out!

Command-P is built atop a powerful API for printing NFT content that supports a wide variety of interaction patterns:

  • Mint limited edition printable or burn-to-print NFTs.
  • Gift / Airdrop print tokens as community incentives.
  • Create a storefront to engage / monetize community.
  • Give your community the ability to sell prints and earn a rev share.

Whatever you've got ticking, we'd love to chat.

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